If you're looking for sexy romance books based on hot guys with long hair, muscles and tattoos - you're in the right place. I love bad boys that need a woman to tame them (just a little bit - we still need them to be bad to be good, right?). My guys are all a little bit alpha, a little bit damaged, and truly have hearts of gold. Some of their girls may have to dig deep for that gold in some cases - but it's there.

All my books touch upon real life issues because I want my readers to be able to relate to my characters. My characters aren't perfect - and I don't want them to be. There's a strong family bond in the Ashes & Embers series and the Devil's Wolves series. These books focus on the personal lives of the characters and how they meet the love of their life and overcome obstacles. Never fear - there are lots of steamy, romantic sex scenes.

Each of my books also has a special pet in it. I donate a portion of my sales to various pet rescues. It's very important to me to raise awareness for special needs pets. 

I'm completely overwhelmed and blown away by the positive reviews and praise I have received for these books. I can't thank my readers and the bloggers enough for their support.

My reviews will tell you my books will take you on a bit of a rollercoaster - you'll laugh, you'll cry, you might get angry, you might get confused, and you'll swoon.  A lot. Enjoy the ride.  xo

current series

  • ashes & embers rock star romance

    My debut series is the Ashes & Embers series based on a fictional rock band made up of brothers and cousins. There are currently four books published in this series with several more on the way! All books can be read as stand-alones, all have happily-ever-after endings, and no cliff-hangers. Most of these books also will be getting sequels. These books are sexy, a little sweet, have lots of witty banter and just enough angst.


  • devils wolves

    Devil's Wolves is a spin off series from Ashes & Embers and some of the characters will cross over. The first book in this series, Torn, is currently available, and book two is expected in early 2017. This isn't the typical motorcycle club series (there are no illegal activities, no club girls). This is a group of brothers and friends that ride and have a mission that's important to them.  This series is gritty, raw, and laced with sensuality. 


  • stand-alone novels

    I have a few stand-alone novels planned. More info on these will be shared soon.

    Coming soon!

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